420 Artboard Gloss One Side
$99.00 for 1000
Who knows when you may need to jot down a message or a quote? Our gloss business cards are still the industry darling for every situation. Featuring unrivalled protection on the front and a UV cured back, they are perfect for those who like to write on their business cards.
Price Excludes GST & Design


Artwork Guidelines

To ensure your files are printed correctly and to avoid any delays, please take the time to ensure you follow these simple steps when creating your press-ready PDFs.

Please note, we only PDF artwork generated with following specifications:

  • All photos and images need to be 300dpi (300 dots per inch).
  • Avoid using JPEG compression. Use ZIP or no compression for best results.
  • All colours must be in CMYK (no PMS, RGB, LAB etc.) The only exception to this rule is if you are ordering a Spot UV, Spot Silver, Spot White, Spot Pink or Spot Orange job.
  • Please ensure that you do not save your PDF with ICC profiles embedded.
  • All fonts MUST be converted to outlines (embedded).
  • Please include crop marks if your art board is larger than the finished size with bleed.
  • The bleed requirements depend on the product, so please consult our provided templates. Templates can be found if you go to the Home Page, click on a desired product under Product Categories and go to Download Templates.

We rely on our customers to ensure that the file supplied for their job is correct for print. Eliminating this step from our production workflow helps us to deliver the turnarounds we set and keep our pricing low. Due to this, we cannot be held responsible for production issues resulting from incorrectly supplied files.

For all double-sided jobs, we require the artwork to be set up with front and back files combined into one PDF (where first page is the front and second page is the back.)

Something to keep in mind is that if you order Gloss or Matt cello 1 sided, the cello will be applied to the front (or the first page of your PDF).

Also if you are ordering a job with multiple variations, please supply us with 1 PDF per variation.

To achieve a rich black on solid areas of your artwork, we recommend the breakdown of 40% Cyan 40% Magenta 40% Yellow and 100% Black. For text and fine lines, please just use 100% Black.

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